You're probably wondering...what goes on during the boudoir photo shoot?  I can tell you in one word...FUN!

Ok...let's get more detail:

Before you leave your home, you select a minimum of 3 of your favorite outfits that you think you'll look gorgeous in (which of course you will).  Don't be shy.  If you don't have 3, no problem, I have some from the wardrobe that we can try.

On the day of your shoot, you will first go to the make up and hair professional.  Her name is Erin and you'll love her!  She is located in the same building as the studio, so it's easy.  She will first style your hair (make sure it's clean and dry before arriving) then add the make up.  She will do both under your guidance and will make recommendations.  The whole process will take about an hour.  I had her do my hair and make up to be sure she communicates well, listens, and of course, is super friendly.  She nailed all 3!!  

She will then bring you over to my studio.  We'll review and sign the contract and model release.  Then, I'll show you around then sit and chat for a few minutes so I can get to know you a bit better.  We will also review your outfits and choose 3.  I'll give you a short summary of how the shoot will proceed and then we'll start capturing your beautiful self.  You'll change your outfit 3 times (there is a dressing area in the studio so no walking the halls in a bathrobe for you!) while I make any changes to the lighting or set up as necessary.  The shoot should take an hour or so.

Don't worry about posing...I'll be helping you through the process from beginning to end.  Of course, if you have a pose you've been dreaming of seeing yourself in, let me know and we'll do it!

When the shoot is complete, you will dress back into your street clothes then head out to explore the art that fills the building, or get something to eat and/or drink for about 45 minutes while I select your best photos and get them ready for you to view.  Then the next exciting part begins! 

When you return, I will reveal the photos to you.  You'll choose your favorites ... believe me, it will be hard.  But I'll be there to help you so not to worry.  Once you have chosen your photos, we'll then go over the Collections available to choose the best one for you.  This will probably take another hour.  I'll show you what's in every Collection so we can discuss what you love the best.  

Once you've purchased your favorite Collection, we are done for the day.  You'll leave the studio feeling exhilarated and happy to have done the shoot.  You will be elated to see how beautiful your are and feel more confident in yourself.  You'll be proud that you invested in YOU.  

I will then order the collection and any wall art then let you know when it has arrived so we can arrange to get it to you.  That's it!  

If you have any questions, PLEASE reach out to me by phone at 650-678-7407 or email at [email protected].  I promise to respond quickly.