Second Wind Photos: Blog en-us (C) Second Wind Photos (Second Wind Photos) Sat, 20 Jan 2024 17:21:00 GMT Sat, 20 Jan 2024 17:21:00 GMT Second Wind Photos: Blog 120 120 We're Showing Some Love with a Special Valentines Day Deal!


·     $200 for up to two hours

·     Includes one 8”X12” photo – ready for framing!

·     Don’t worry…we’ll help you with the posing. 

·     Photo shoot at our professional studio in Fremont

·     $475 value!




Yes!  We only ask that you do not bring your significant other for boudoir sessions., If this is a gift for them, it's better as a surprise! 


You can hire us for a private shoot in the comforts of your own home or in our studio, but it will be at the regular price of $475


Only with your written permission.


We offer prints (mounted on form core board ready for framing) from 8X12 up to 20X30, along with canvas, metal, albums, and  folio boxes. Our most popular product for boudoir sessions is the folio box which discreetly holds 6-18 8X12 matted photos. It is an 11X17 decorated box that is made in Italy.   Packages are available.


Great idea!  Gift certificates are available!


Give us a call!  We’d love to talk to you about what you are thinking about.  Once we have your wants, needs and desires addressed, you will pay for the session in full.  We accept cash PayPal or credit cards. We will then email you the contract to sign and return.  Once you’ve returned the contract, we will send an email to you confirming the date and time of your session along with final ideas for the shoot.   On the day of the shoot, we ask that you arrive at least 15 min prior to your shoot time so you can get ready.   After that, we'll meet again to choose which photo(s) you’d like. 

Very limited availability - spots fill up quickly!

Call us today to reserve your spot!



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Christmas came a little bit late, but wow! It arrived!  My new Wacom Intuos Pro.  It is replaces the computer mouse while I work photos on the computer.  Using the pen on the tablet gives me better control and accuracy. looks way cool!  I'm doing the happy dance!

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Help us celebrate our 5th anniversay!

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Changes Have Occurred! We have been working hard to bring you a more concise, easy to navigate website experience at Second Wind Photos.  Many ideas have been bantered about, but ultimately we chose to preserve your valuable time and showcase our photos in a more compelling way. 

We have re-designed our homepage with a clean, fresh look.  We've consolidated the number of galleries, concentrating on what we love to do...weddings, portraits, and events.  Drilling down to the galleries not only have we personalized each gallery page, we've eliminated the static rows of photos where you have to click through.  We found it...well, quite frankly...boring!  So we livened things up a bit by creating videos through our friends at Animoto.  Now the photos flow and have a life of their own!

Please take a few minutes and check out the new site...I think you will enjoy it! sure to leave comments.  We want to hear how your experience was.

Pam & Larry



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Benita and Seth - Getting Ready

Getting ready is ready!  Go to Benita & Seth's gallery at :

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Back in the swing of things I was recently in Las Vegas and caught this great shot of James.  You can't tell in this picture, but he was running around without a diaper...and feeling quite free!


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San Francisco Pride 2012 We had a fantastic time photographing the many participants in the SF Pride Parade on June 24th.  Check out our Celebrations gallery to see our favorites.



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Redwood Regional Park - Oakland Hills We took a advantage of a break in scheduled portrait shoots and had a great time this past Sunday exploring the Redwood Regional Park.  The weather was perfect and the scenery was gorgeous.  It's funny though...we spent more time in a meadow photographing the tiny things that when put with all the other tiny things, creates the beauty that is nature.

I managed to capture a couple of photos of Larry doing what he does best...getting those unique perspectives to get that one of a kind photo.

Check out some of our photos on facebook.  See you there!



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Another great weekend! Had a wonderful time at the Rowell Ranch Rodeo this weekend!  The weather was just right plus we managed to get seats in the corner, top level, and in the shade.  Had plenty of room to capture the fun moments - and scary moments.  Please check out the new gallery I just posted.  I've made it possible to purchase any photo(s) you desire.



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Finney's Fiber Farm Hi!  We've put together a slide show of the photos we took at Finney's Fiber Farm.  We hope you can see just how adorable the alpaca are!  They are quiet and peaceful...and did I mention adorable??  We've even included photos of the other residents of the, horse, name a few.  Check it out!  And, as always, ENJOY!

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Short Video We recently did a shoot for a business woman looking for corporate photos for her work.  After we got done with those shots, we decided to have some fun!  This is a short video we put together with those fun shots.   Enjoy!



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New Gallery1 We just created a new gallery for our corporate partners.  Stop by and check it out!

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Life on the Farm We wanted to share our photos from our recent visit to Finney's Fiber Farm in Wilton, Ca.  What a fun place and fun (and cute) alpacas!



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Our New Friend, Ashley   We had a great time this weekend photographing a friend's daughter, Ashley!  What a beauty!!! 

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New Lights! This week new lighting will be installed at the studio.  We are getting track lighting on the ceiling which will free up floor space!  We are excited and hope you can stop by real soon to check things out.



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Celebrating Our Children I'm pleased to share our newest video that celebrates our children...our most precious gift.



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Wedding Video We've created a new wedding video!  It's included in the Wedding Gallery.

PS...Animoto is my new friend!




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Bridal Fair Success! We had a great time at the bridal fair yesterday at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose!  There were hundreds of brides and grooms that attended and I think we we met most of them.  We gave out hundreds of bath salts with a lemongrass fragrance.  The wonderful lemon smell lured many to our booth!

We were lucky to be the first booth in the main ballroom.  We even had visitors during the hour long fashion show.   The winner of our drawing won a  prize of a scented candle, lotions and soaps...a $100 value.  

The Great Bridal Expo people were wonderful to work with with Wendy and Shelly taking care of us like VIP's.  We hope to work with them again.

My feet were so sore from standing all day, but I was so busy, I didn't notice til I stopped!  Today, I feel just fine and can't wait until the next fair!



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Almost ready for the bridal fair We've been working hard getting ready for the bridal fair we will at on March 18th.  We are finalizing the final touches to make our booth fantastic.  We've been told that all vendor booths have been sold out so it promises to be a great time.  I hope all that are interested in attending do so.  We'd love to meet you all!  

Remember, if you want free tickets, we've arranged them at   Just enter our Special Code SWPFTEX to receive 2 free tickets.

We will post photos from the event next week.

Hope to see you there!


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Lovin' the new studio! We did our first shoot in our new studio this past weekend!  It was great fun with time flying by quickly.  Gotta love a place next to a coffee and deli sandwich shop! 

After the shoot, Larry and I did a little tour of the Montclair Village area.  Lots of great shops there!  The surrounding area is so beautiful with lots of tress of all different shapes, sizes, and colors.  I bet fall foliage will be gorgeous later this year. 

We noticed that residents love dogs - big dogs, little dogs, and everything in between.  We saw lots of people walking their dogs ... walking them!

We'd love to photograph you and yours...just give us a call.  510-363-9577





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GET FREE TICKETS TO THE GREAT BRIDAL EXPO, SAN JOSE, CA, MARCH 18TH! The GREAT BRIDAL EXPO is coming up on Sunday, March 18th, at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose.

We will be there and would LOVE to have you visit our booth!

To help out, we have activated Special Code SWPFTEX. This code will entitle those who register for the event 2 FREE tickets compliments of Second Wind Photos! Register at - enter the code in the space provided, and you'll will be able to print your FREE ticket for 2!



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Welcome! Welcome to Second Wind Photos!  I hope to add postings that are of value to you.  I promise not to post every 5 minutes...just when I want to share something in my life with you. 

As always...enjoy!


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